Deer Antler (Naturally Shed) Large


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If you’re looking for a long lasting dog chew treat, deer antlers are an excellent choice. Deer Antlers are a durable dog chew. When your looking at getting a dog chew, it is important to make sure you pick the right dog chew treat between the goat horn and the Deer Antler based on your dogs chew type


Deer Antlers are a great chew for moderate chewers who are not set on consuming the antler, they are more content with a chomp here and there, If your dog is more of an aggressive chewer and wants to finish the dog chew treat, a goat horn might be a better alternative.


Deer Antlers are shed each year with a new set growing in its place.

The antler is real bone an outward extension from the Deer skull. The Deer antler contains mineral-rich marrow that dogs love so much.


Dogs that chew Deer Antlers are receiving a great source of minerals such as calcium and phosphorus- both naturally found in the Deer Antler.


For Dogs who like to chew, they are naturally drawn to the antler, as it’s a great recreational boredom buster and they often find it relaxing so chewing on a hard object like a deer antler or Goat horn ( can be a huge anxiety and stress relief.



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Deer Antler – Long lasting dog chew

These Deer Antlers are sold by weight not length as the whole antler is cut up and cut to size.

These Large Deer Antlers weigh between 140-160 grams, perfect for large dogs (Labradors,Golden Retrievers, Amstaff)

You asked for it, you got it!

Finally a long lasting chew treat for your dog! All natural, naturally shed Deer Antlers.

These Antlers come straight from the Deer farm in Gisborne, Victoria. They are 100% natural, with no chemicals used on the farm.

This great long lasting treat, is a great way to keep your dog distracted. It also is a great dental snack to keep your dogs mouth and teeth clean whilst naturally getting rid of plaque build up.

You know what they say, ‘A deer antler a day keeps the vet away..’ (Or something like that! :))

Please see below table for feeding guide.




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