Freeze Dried Dog Treats

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We’re super proud to introduce to you our new range of FREEZE DRIED DOG TREATS!

Raw Wild Boar ? Treats
– Exotic novel protein -Nutrient dense
– Single ingredient protein – grain free
– Organic free range meat

Raw Roo Treats ?
– Hypoallergenic -low in fat
– Premium Australian game meat
– Single ingredient protein-Grain free

Raw Chicken Heart Treats ?
– Rich in taurine -Nutrient dense
– Single ingredient protein-Grain free -Premium Australian poultry

Raw Beef Bites ?
– High in protein -rich in iron
– Australian single ingredient protein

We are proud that our freeze dried dog treats range is nutrient dense and created with single ingredient premium meat that is not only biologically appropriate but also tastes great. Suitable for both dogs and cats.